Too many secret secrets in magic town. – The Lying Game 1×04 Photo Recap

So we’re back for another tussle in twin-town or one-twin town which is soon to be no twin town because Emma is making a habit of going for nightly runs in the dark in areas that she isn’t familiar with –you know, to keep things interesting because life as Sutton has been pretty boring to date. Alec somehow has yet to push his creep-o-meter over it’s daily usage limit so he decides that chasing down young girls running should do the trick. He corners Emma, they have a bit of an awkward confrontation where he scolds her or something for not remembering the route he drove Sutton and Mads on when their car seats still faced backwards. He offers to give her a ride home because he is concerned she has lost her memory since her little-tykes days.

Alec and Daddy Mercer have a broody dads with secrets club meeting out in the dark about Alec thinking something is up with Sutton. They reference about a thousand things we don’t understand and it is all pretty vague but the one thing we do know is that there are secrets… and lies.

Emma and Sutton are having a twin-time skype session and Sutton says that she doesn’t think this plan will hold up for long. At least she is finally thinking rationally. Sutton is also sad because she missess her friends. Then Emma gets sad because she has had a whole new turn around with Sutton’s relationships. We are afraid everyone’s hearts are going to break when Sutton goes back to being more Sutton and less Emma.

Queen bitchyness stops by the ballet studio where Mads is busy being the Swan Queen or something. As it turns out she needs to take a ballet class, except that she says she doesn’t want a ballet class she needs help with her foot work. We aren’t entirely sure what she’s asking for exactly.

At the Mercer’s the parents stop in to Sutton’s room to explain to Sutton (Emma? Sutton? Emma.) that they don’t want her dating a boy with a record. Emma then repeatedly asks Daddy Mercer if he was always perfect, has ever done things he regerts, has ever made mistakes… possibly has a few secret secrets about secrets up his sleeve and the like.

Laurel and Justin fly to Spain real quick for a dinner date complete with candles and minstrels and Justin accidently tips the man a 50$ and basically there is just a lot of cuteness going on when Mads and Char happen to show up in Spain too. Laurel’s about to ask them how they got to Spain when Justin takes the liberty of introducing himself as Romeo Montague and basically saying he’s in love with Laurel. And while we can’t blame Char for being grumpy about the breaking of the “dibs” code…. break away, Laurel. You have our full support.

Unlike her friends, Emma didn’t go to Spain. She stayed home and decided to hit the sheets. She has a crazy dream about dancing the salsa and must be pretty good at it because she starts flailing and shouting in her sleep drawing a good deal of attention to herself until Sutton’s mom has to interfere and stop the music. She wakes up, shaken and sweaty (was Eduardo there?) and we see the photo of “baby Emma and mom” that Sutton gave her which was obviously the cause of her midnight dancing scare. Sutton’s mother is worried because Sutton used to always have nightmares about drowning and it is possible there is a connection.

Emma brings up the dream dilemma to Sutton during their next meeting. Sutton has been having the same dream and now she is sure there is some twin telepathy going on. Emma isn’t entirely sold on the idea.

She decides to enlist Ethan in some dream interpreting help. And between twins with powers, and dream readers and guys from Heroes who can fly, we could easily be heading for the next Charmed series. Ethan is somewhat offended that Emma would assume he has powers like everyone else around but he agrees to help.

Emma is pretty pissed that Ethan is getting in trouble for stealing the great laptop, paragon of knowledge and Alec tells her to shut up in a few deffierent words a couple of times until Laurel suddenly reveals that she stole the laptop because she was sick of playing second fiddle to Sutton. For the second time in an hour we again say go for it, Laurel. Except, SURPRISE. Laurel didn’t steal the laptop. Turns out she was just trying to help Sutton out for helping her call double dibs on Justin over Char.

At the dance studio, Eduardo is trying to pull his morals together and tell Mads that they can’t be an item. He explains that despite the fact that she’s the Clara to his Nutcracker, she is still seventeen and dating would be illegal. She throws her shirt off and kisses him in hopes that since this is magic town, preforming that ritual will fix their age problem. She didn’t inherit her daddy’s heroes gene so, it doesn’t.

Unfortunately the queen of causing problems isn’t occupied enough with being second best at tennis and ballet, so she has taken up super spying as a new hobby and snaps some quick photos of the two mid magic spell so she can out them to everyone.

She has also added trying to be friends with Char to her list of hobbies and drops by Char’s pool to return the twilight DVD that Char apparnetly left there when they were seven or something. … oh and to slip in a little something about Mads and Eduardo.

Emma and Ethan are having a pow-wow (no pun intended.. okay yes maybe pun intended) around a fire out in the desert somewhere so they can chat about dreams and draw stick photos on the ground and finally talk about the real problem here which is that despite the fact that Laurel took the fall for the great laptop heist, that doesn’t change the fact that someone else did steal the laptop. However Emma quickly drops the topic and thinks we should talk about more important things.

Ethan starts using his tribal wisdom to try and get Emma to remember something about her real mom or her dreams or any combination of the two. The only thing she can come up with is a chat about Mommy Mercer.

Emma is so frustrated that all of Ethan’s tribal rituals aren’t working, that she throws the photo of her and birth mom into the fire in a fit of rage. This, in combination with the sky, turns out to be the correct magic spell sequence of events and she suddenly has a vision of exactly what she was supposed to remember. Someone call Hogwarts. Someone’s letter is apparently a few years late.

Ethan and Emma quickly pass word of Emma’s history with fire onto Sutton who finds what is probably the only house and Filmore that is also charred to nothing and still standing. She strolls around and shows Emma around via phone camera. Emma who apparently had no memory, has her memory resurrected and is positive this was her old house. There’s a name painted on the ceiling. Annie Hobbs. Which is definitely not the name of the artist who pained the ceiling and is definitely their mothers name.

Emma is starting to feel shitty about fooling the Mercers and her friends and everyone else into thinking that Sutton finally became un-bitchy. She is sure that as soon as Sutton comes back, she is going to become useless and everyone will hate her.

But we would just like to remind her that everyone else, us included, probably agree with Ethan as far as liking the Emma version of Sutton way better than the Sutton version of Sutton.

Daddy Mads and Daddy Sutton have one more creepy-creepo meeting because they are still worried about the secret Daddy secret. We are going to probably need a decoder ring or a translator from now one for when they have their meetings but since we don’t we will have to work with what we’ve got.


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