The founding of the Murphamy Party – “The 100” 1×02 Photo recap Part 1

When episode two begins, we find our favorite Team Clarke right where we left them, running through the woods after good pal Jasper got speared by an unknown force . While running, Monty does the infamous trip and fall during a chase scene which never works out good for anyone involved. However, this isn’t your ordinary infamous trip and fall. Monty didn’t just fall out of nowhere so we could slow him down and the bad guys could catch him. No, Monty tripped and fell over a skeleton which is way more casual and less dramatic.

Everyone is pretty freaked out by the skeletons because they definitely aren’t human looking which means that FInn may have been right about the monkeys, and Clarke is a little worried about what’s going to happen when Finn starts being right.  A shout erupts from back where they were running from, indicating that Jasper is still alive so of course everyone goes running straight after him, thankfully stopped by Finn before Clarke can throw herself back into the open and get speared too. Where Jasper was sitting before with his new spear necklace is now empty, causing everyone to panic and run back towards camp for help.

Things are not running much smoother on the Ark. Ever since Bellamy and the Johns started their anti-bracelet campaign, lots more kids are taking them off. Now Abby Kane and Jaha are starting to think the kids are all dying, when in reality they’re just trying to stick it to Cadet Romeo for giving them all the same gift. Abby and Kane start a fight about what the bracelets are telling them and Jaha is really sad about the whole conversation.

In truth he’s probably actually really sad about the situation because Wells’s tile is dark. Bracelet envy clearly runs in the family, but Jaha thinks wells is dad and that’s actually sad. Jaha likes to make sure that we always remember that this is a serious show, about serious things and also sadness.

At the pride lands, Wells is digging graves for the two kids with the wrong chins who tried to fly. He takes their clothes not because he’s a creepy grave robber but because he is Wells Jaha, son of Thelonious  Jaha Captain President Leader, and human embodiment of logic, goodness, and common sense. When he brings the clothes back to camp, Atom tries to take them to sell or something but Bellamy interferes.

The rain washed his gel away so he isn’t in the best of moods, but Wells is so impressed by  his muscles and gun-in-the-pants stance that he hands the supplies over and decides to go for a walk to cool down instead.

But before Wells can start his walk, he comes across Murphy who is so upset that Bellamy showed his naked chest to yet another dude that he’s decided to roast some marshmallows.

We can already tell this Murphy guy is going to become a problem because he takes his “shipping” way too seriously.

Clarke and Team Clarke return from their journey finally, looking much less bright eyed and ambitious than they were when they first set out. All the kids who stayed back at camp and did nothing are really upset that Team Clarke didn’t bring back any food for them. But Clarke explains that they didn’t even make it to the food, they met a two headed deer, a crazy sea snake, Octavia took her clothes off, and Jasper got speared so everyone was just too distracted to do much else.

Then Clarke notices that Wells’s bracelet is gone. She knows how much Cadet Romeo meant to him so she can clearly tell that something is afoot. Murphy tells her they took off twenty four wristbands since she’s been gone and Clarke is reminded yet again that she is the only person on earth with a brain attached to her leader chin so she breaks into another powerful impromptu speech to make up for it.

Bellamy is worried that he isn’t the only one who has trouble resisting the speech eyes so he decides to jump up and give his own speech to keep the kids on daddy’s side. This divorce is getting messier and messier and no one is looking out for the children.

Clarke heads to the drop ship to pack up some supplies and head back out to find Jasper. Wells wants to go but Clarke is still upset about Wells rubbing his bracelet in her face and the getting her dad killed thing. However she isn’t able to get any other volunteers to rescue a half dead boy from people with spears so Wells tags along anyway. After some convincing, Clarke  gets Bellamy to come along and bring his gun.

Bellamy agrees to go along but takes Murphy with him since Murphy had also expressed some serious interest in product. Murphy is pretty excited to go but not for the reasons Bellamy thinks.

Bellamy explains that pretending to want gel was actually just an excuse to go on a double date with Clarke and Wells so he can get Clarke’s bracelet when she isn’t paying attention.

On the Ark, we get a wide shot of the station with a tiny little person in a space suit doing some tinkering on the outside. A quick reminder that this is a show about science and space and incredibly attractive people.

The girl in the space suit who is quickly named Raven by her buddy and the bird shadow on her helmet comes out all smiles and enthusiasm, surprisingly not what we were expecting to emerge from the cool space portions of the show, and yet exactly what we were hoping for.  Some quick banter between Raven and her two cool buddies (there’s a lot of cool happening in this scene) tells us that she’s all smiles because she gets to see her boyfriend and a few facts about said boyfriend. Things we know:

  • He is probably starving because someone owes him three days rations
  • He makes cool space girls smile a lot
  • He’s in prison
  • He’s actually not in prison because the prisoners are on the ground

Raven doesn’t know that last part but the other guy says that prisons been quarantined for a few months and no one can go in. Making the bad ass girl in the space suit sad quickly goes onto our list of not funny things.

Stay posted for part two of this episode’s recap later this week!


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