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What’s my name again? The Secret Circle 1×01 Photo Recap

Meet Cassie Blake, she has just arrived in Chance Harbor Washington after the tragic “accidental” death of her mother, to live with her grandmother. The great thing about Cassie’s arrival to Chance Harbor is that her mother must have told her she landed on earth in a space ship or something to that effect because Cassie knows nothing of her past or family history at all. She barely knows why her mom left Chance Harbor, doesn’t know how her father died, doesn’t know anything of her parents’ lives their before her and we are actually surprised the poor girl even knows her name.

She makes herself at home in her mother’s old room which is the only real verification she has now that her mother wasn’t raised by wolves. She is getting ready to head to bed when she takes a leisurely stroll to the window and notes peeping neighbor Tom just hanging out and watching her. He shoots her a freaky gaze and is basically asking her to recite Romeo and Juliet through the windows with him but she turns him down. Any theatrics tonight would surely cause her to have an even bigger identity crisis than she is already having.

However Romeo is pissed that she won’t rehearse with him and so he flings the curtain back open with his mind and Cassie is pretty confused. We are positive that makes him a little too pushy.

Cassie heads to school the next day where we all discover the great thing about Chance Harbor and get a lesson in Cassie’s family history that she has obviously needed. Turns out the town was once a monarchy in which Cassie’s mother ruled the entire land. After she left everyone has sat around wasting their lives away thinking about her and waiting for her to return. Cassie is still having trouble understanding who she is and where she fits in to this mess but it seems that everyone else in town knows exactly who she is. She has a countless number of awkward encounter where a random citizen of chance harbor is like “OMG CASSIE LOVE YOUR MOM I WAS HER BEST FRIEND!” and Cassie is more or less like “were you part of the wolf pack?” because up until this point Cassie was never aware her mother had friends.

In the hallways she has an awkward encounter with captain broody who has mysterious looking eyes and sort-of just stares at her. And between him and the previous night’s encounter with Romeo, we e can add “everyone has a starting problem” to the list of things that Cassie can say she knows about anything.

She then bumps into a girl named Diana who introduces herself has knowing more about Cassie then Cassie does.

After school, Cassie heads to the boathouse because that’s apparently “where everyone hands out” which is pretty believable because Chance Harbor can boast maybe six noteable residents. There she runs into a handful of other people who knew her mother Including a drunk guy who approaches her and starts talking about destiny and stars and referring to her as “Amelia’s girl” which is useful because now Cassie can ad her mother’s name to her list of things we know. Also at the Boathouse is Broody McNice-Eyes from the school hallway and some other girls from school, Faye and Melissa who are running for most forward members of society and start asking her a hundred thousand questions about her mother and her mother’s death and basically demanding a coroner’s report.

Cassie is as creeped out as we are and decides she’s gonna head home when her car spontaneously catches on fire and refuses to let her out. Turns out Faye and Melissa want to see if she’s a witch and the obvious way to do that would be to blow her up or something.

Because Adam is already chalk full of charm what with being broody, having mysterious eyes, and staring at people, he decides to rescue Cassie from the car just to be sure to drive the point home that he is the charmer in these parts.

They then have a post car fire talk in which Cassie is like “no way that is possible” and Adam assures her it is.

They shamelessly flirt for a while and shoot chemistry out of their eyeballs until Diana shows up and introduces herself as Adam’s girlfriend. Everyone is mutually confused.

Diana heads to Faye’s house because she recognized Faye’s witch discovery tactics. Faye denies having any involvement but Diana knows better and then Diana takes a threatening tone with everyone and tries to install some fear but Faye knows better as well. We walk away from this talk knowing only that Faye “didn’t meant to” set the car on fire but if that is the case then what on earth was she going for exactly?

The next day Cassie goes for a stroll through town during which she bumps into a man who we all recognize as the man who burned her house down with her mom inside. The man introduces himself but there is really no need because he basically fits the same bill as everyone else in the town.

Diana is either running for Mayor or head tour guide of Chance Harbor because every time we meet someone new she pops up to tell us how she knows them in some way. She better look out because she is looking like the next candidate for Queen of Chance Harbor who’s going to turn up dead and have a child who knows nothing of her princessship with all these friends.

However the important thing here is that guy who set Cassie’s mom on fire is Diana’s dad. And yet again, everyone is connected.

Cassie is still trying to figure out why this is the weirdest town in the world and why everyone knows her mother and wears leather jackets. Diana decides that she should show her and brings her for a stroll out to the woods to an old abandoned house where it just so happens the leather jacket club is having a meeting.

They explain to Cassie that they are a part of a circle of kids who are the offspring of a circle of parents who have magical powers and wear leather and now that Cassie is back they are all going to get matching badges for their jackets and do magic together. Cassie tells them they are all crazy and that she won’t be involved despite the fact that what they are telling her is that she is involved my default.

She runs away out to the woods where Adam, Diana’s boyfriend chases after her. He convinces her to try some magic and does another great display of his ability to be the perfect guy ever who all the girls want.

They almost sorta kiss but then Cassie remembers that he is Diana’s boyfriend despite the fact that this is the only time Diana hasn’t popped up.

Cassie is stressed about all of this and heads over to the The Boathouse where she assumes the drunk guy who has since been introduced as Diana’s boyfriend’s father will be hanging. She asks him about her family history since everyone seems to know it except for her. He explains to her that their families are aligned in the stars and says “your father was a bad man” just in time for Diana’s dad to show up and put an end tot he conversation.

Since Cassie doesn’t seem to be getting answers this way she heads to the dock where she runs into Diana and tries to ask her if she knows anything about her life considering she already knows everyone in the town. She gets to explaining it and they are about half way through figuring out where Cassie came from when Faye decides she is going to be disruptive for the sake of disruptivity.

However then the storm gets crazy out of control and Cassie has to come in and fix it with her newly found make it rain powers that Adam gave her.

Later that night Cassie’s furniture starts taking itself apart and she discovers the journal spell book book of shadows or whatever that her mother had been hiding. Tucked inside of it is a letter which basically doesn’t help us or Cassie very much.