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Three shows that shaped how I watch Television

People constantly ask me what shows I like. At every party I go to where I mention what I do, I get asked why I don’t watch X show or Y show. From years of watching TV, I’ve begun to realize -or rather be slapped in the face with the realization- that I have a type. There are key elements that I look for in a show in order for me to love it, and those elements came from preferences that I discovered in shows when I first started getting very into TV. 

Buffy The Vampire Slayer:

It truly all started with Buffy. As a teenager or young adult or whatever I was when I was too cool for most things, I never found much on TV that I liked.  I’d outgrown most of my Disney Channel days but none of the other shows that were out caught my eye. Not to mention, my mom was pretty anti-television. We barely ever had it on in my house. I was a bit late on watching Buffy The Vampire Slayer when it aired but there were reruns that played every morning at 7 am on FX. I don’t remember how I even came across them, but just after watching one I was hooked enough to set my alarm every single morning and wake up to watch them. Anyone who knows how much trouble I have waking up in the morning will know exactly how much that says about Buffy.

What really drew me in about Buffy Summers and the show as a whole was that she was the lead of a show that wasn’t a “girly show.” I got to like a character that kicked ass and fought bad guys. She was the one that got in and out of dangerous situations. She got saved from time to time but she wasn’t the damsel. No one was responsible for saving her, and when her love was doomed to be evil she put a sword through him. I became so passionately interested in all things Buffy, buying all the DVD box sets, even though they were 45+ dollars each at the time, and burning through them. Never had a show caught my interest and my heart the way Buffy The Vampire Slayer did, and never did a fictional character feel so much like someone I wanted to be than Buffy Summers. Sure the clothes were more terrifying than the monsters and the show as a whole had it’s ups and downs, but it was Buffy that showed me that I liked TV better when it was girls having true adventures. That lesson stuck with me in every TV show I chose to watch from that point forward.



Charmed set a bar in my television preferences that I don’t think any show I’ve seen since has ever touched. My favorite thing about the show, and the part that was most important to me was the interaction between all of the girls and their relationships as sisters and friends. Despite always hearing people talking about Piper and Leo or Phoebe and Cole or Prue and Andy and who was best for who, I didn’t care much about the romantic relationships in the show. Charmed was the show that taught me to look for more relationships in characters than just who they date, especially in girls. There was nothing that made an episode more compelling for me than seeing the sisters fight and make up or tackle something together, get together to save one of them, or support each other through some loss or experience. To this day I won’t ever forget that Phoebe’s greatest fear was losing a sister, a loss that I experienced in my own life. So far, no show I’ve ever watched has come close to the relationships between the sisters in Charmed, but a few are up there. It’s a bar I don’t take lightly.

Veronica Mars:

Similarly to Buffy, the thing that stuck out to me about Veronica Mars with that the main character was a girl and that that girl was allowed to be the best at what she did. Actually that’s pretty similar to Charmed too. I did mention these shows shaped my TV preferences right? We’re sensing a pattern by now, I’m sure. Veronica was brilliant, witty, and determined. My favorite thing about her though, was that she was so tiny. Unlike the Charmed witches or Buffy who had powers that made them strong enough, Veronica was just a tiny, averagely strong woman. Her power came from her own mind and her own intelligence paired with her lack of fear. Veronica was the reminder that girls could be great and could be heroes just as they are. Arguably, almost all of the supporting cast behind her were males, and it was a cast that could have used some more awesome women like Veronica in it, but those guys were great. Even if they did doubt Veronica sometimes, they respected her.

The other thing that sticks out to me still about Veronica Mars is that for once, I cared about the romantic relationship in it. At first, I was hesitant to, since i had never cared about them in shows in the past. But Veronica and Logan (despite my arguments about whether or not their relationship was good for them) taught me that sometimes a romantic pairing can just be interesting writing, for what it is, and that there can be balance between plot, strength of character, and romance, even if it does seem hard to find in most shows.

Being an avid television viewer now, I get asked  the exact same questions every time I bring up TV outside of the internet: “Do you watch Breaking Bad?” “Do you watch Game of Thrones?” “Oh do you like The Walking Dead?” “What do think of Sons of Anarchy?” I’m sure you’re getting the point. As a writer, a critic, and a general consumer of television, I can’t argue that these shows are bad. Never. They’re well written, interesting, well acted and more than that. It’s easy to see how well received they are by most audiences. I understand their appeal and their quality. But as a viewer, as someone who wants to love a character as much as I loved Phoebe Halliwell when I turn on my TV, and someone who wants to see myself in someone the way I did in Buffy, these shows will never speak to me. None of them tell the story of a woman’s adventure beyond the ability to fall in love. I’m admittedly picky about the shows I truly love. It takes a lot for a show to bring me from general viewership to passionately involved. But I know the things that I want to see and having seen them before, I know they can be done. Bad ass female is not exclusive to Buffy. There can be more of them. Sisters who truly care about one another is not exclusive to Charmed. It can happen again. Girls who are brilliant enough to hold the respect of everyone around them on their intelligence alone are not only allowed to come around once a decade. There are enough potential female characters in the world to tell stories endlessly. Oddly enough, just as many of them as there are men. I will always love a show infinitely more when I’m reminded of that.

Do you have shows that shaped your television preferences? Or thoughts about these shows? Put em down in the comments!


The founding of the Murphamy Party – “The 100” 1×02 Photo recap Part 1

When episode two begins, we find our favorite Team Clarke right where we left them, running through the woods after good pal Jasper got speared by an unknown force . While running, Monty does the infamous trip and fall during a chase scene which never works out good for anyone involved. However, this isn’t your ordinary infamous trip and fall. Monty didn’t just fall out of nowhere so we could slow him down and the bad guys could catch him. No, Monty tripped and fell over a skeleton which is way more casual and less dramatic.

Everyone is pretty freaked out by the skeletons because they definitely aren’t human looking which means that FInn may have been right about the monkeys, and Clarke is a little worried about what’s going to happen when Finn starts being right.  A shout erupts from back where they were running from, indicating that Jasper is still alive so of course everyone goes running straight after him, thankfully stopped by Finn before Clarke can throw herself back into the open and get speared too. Where Jasper was sitting before with his new spear necklace is now empty, causing everyone to panic and run back towards camp for help.

Things are not running much smoother on the Ark. Ever since Bellamy and the Johns started their anti-bracelet campaign, lots more kids are taking them off. Now Abby Kane and Jaha are starting to think the kids are all dying, when in reality they’re just trying to stick it to Cadet Romeo for giving them all the same gift. Abby and Kane start a fight about what the bracelets are telling them and Jaha is really sad about the whole conversation.

In truth he’s probably actually really sad about the situation because Wells’s tile is dark. Bracelet envy clearly runs in the family, but Jaha thinks wells is dad and that’s actually sad. Jaha likes to make sure that we always remember that this is a serious show, about serious things and also sadness.

At the pride lands, Wells is digging graves for the two kids with the wrong chins who tried to fly. He takes their clothes not because he’s a creepy grave robber but because he is Wells Jaha, son of Thelonious  Jaha Captain President Leader, and human embodiment of logic, goodness, and common sense. When he brings the clothes back to camp, Atom tries to take them to sell or something but Bellamy interferes.

The rain washed his gel away so he isn’t in the best of moods, but Wells is so impressed by  his muscles and gun-in-the-pants stance that he hands the supplies over and decides to go for a walk to cool down instead.

But before Wells can start his walk, he comes across Murphy who is so upset that Bellamy showed his naked chest to yet another dude that he’s decided to roast some marshmallows.

We can already tell this Murphy guy is going to become a problem because he takes his “shipping” way too seriously.

Clarke and Team Clarke return from their journey finally, looking much less bright eyed and ambitious than they were when they first set out. All the kids who stayed back at camp and did nothing are really upset that Team Clarke didn’t bring back any food for them. But Clarke explains that they didn’t even make it to the food, they met a two headed deer, a crazy sea snake, Octavia took her clothes off, and Jasper got speared so everyone was just too distracted to do much else.

Then Clarke notices that Wells’s bracelet is gone. She knows how much Cadet Romeo meant to him so she can clearly tell that something is afoot. Murphy tells her they took off twenty four wristbands since she’s been gone and Clarke is reminded yet again that she is the only person on earth with a brain attached to her leader chin so she breaks into another powerful impromptu speech to make up for it.

Bellamy is worried that he isn’t the only one who has trouble resisting the speech eyes so he decides to jump up and give his own speech to keep the kids on daddy’s side. This divorce is getting messier and messier and no one is looking out for the children.

Clarke heads to the drop ship to pack up some supplies and head back out to find Jasper. Wells wants to go but Clarke is still upset about Wells rubbing his bracelet in her face and the getting her dad killed thing. However she isn’t able to get any other volunteers to rescue a half dead boy from people with spears so Wells tags along anyway. After some convincing, Clarke  gets Bellamy to come along and bring his gun.

Bellamy agrees to go along but takes Murphy with him since Murphy had also expressed some serious interest in product. Murphy is pretty excited to go but not for the reasons Bellamy thinks.

Bellamy explains that pretending to want gel was actually just an excuse to go on a double date with Clarke and Wells so he can get Clarke’s bracelet when she isn’t paying attention.

On the Ark, we get a wide shot of the station with a tiny little person in a space suit doing some tinkering on the outside. A quick reminder that this is a show about science and space and incredibly attractive people.

The girl in the space suit who is quickly named Raven by her buddy and the bird shadow on her helmet comes out all smiles and enthusiasm, surprisingly not what we were expecting to emerge from the cool space portions of the show, and yet exactly what we were hoping for.  Some quick banter between Raven and her two cool buddies (there’s a lot of cool happening in this scene) tells us that she’s all smiles because she gets to see her boyfriend and a few facts about said boyfriend. Things we know:

  • He is probably starving because someone owes him three days rations
  • He makes cool space girls smile a lot
  • He’s in prison
  • He’s actually not in prison because the prisoners are on the ground

Raven doesn’t know that last part but the other guy says that prisons been quarantined for a few months and no one can go in. Making the bad ass girl in the space suit sad quickly goes onto our list of not funny things.

Stay posted for part two of this episode’s recap later this week!

The rise of the great chin empire Part 2 – “The 100” 1×01 Photo Recap

This is Part two of this recap. Part one can be found HERE and should be read first or you won’t understand any of the super clever and intelligent, not at all obvious jokes.

We return to episode one with Team Clarke going on a journey through the woods to try to find food for everyone else on the mountain that they were wrongfully dropped next to instead of on top of. Everyone’s having a great time eating flowers and teaching Jasper how to flirt, except for Clarke who is power walking through the trees fast enough to make paths for everyone else to follow with nothing but the power of her stride and incredible leadership qualities.

Despite everyone else having fun and not paying much attention, Clarke reminds them that they have been on a radiation soaked planet for about an hour and are probably close to death so they should take themselves more seriously. She also points out that there are no animals around which would be promising if not for the fact that they were probably all killed by the radiation soaked leaves that the others were basically just making a scarecrow with.

They walk about another two steps and see a deer, just popping in to let Clarke know that she’s wrong at the perfect moment, because radiation had made the animals smarter and given them a taste for irony. As it turns out, this isn’t your average deer and everyone involved is startled about how unexpected everything is.

Finn is pretty offended that not only did his chin not come with a head like Clarke’s did, but they got two, so they decide to keep moving and leave the deer where they are.

On the Ark, Abby is preforming surgery on Jaha and once again we can’t make any jokes because there is nothing funny about the possible death of the Captain leader president. However, Shumway drops by to let Kane know that they found the person responsible for creating this seriousness wrinkle in our jokeable content and it’s none other than Bellamy Blake. We’re shocked to learn this, especially given how full of fun, games, and smiles group dad Bellamy has been thus far.

Wells is helping gather some sticks so he can build a lincoln logs house while everyone else is busy screwing around, but it turns out that Murphy has some other ideas for a good time on earth

He probably should have stuck with a different message or just left his number or a small heart with his initials because Wells isn’t impressed by this one. Murphy is disappointed but may be in luck because Bellamy happened to have heard that there’s a salon opening up and he’s really enthusiastic about hair product.

Unfortunately, John and John’s Salon doesn’t carry any gel which is pretty disappointing so instead Bellamy comes up with a new idea that they should make everyone on the Ark think they’re dead for funsies. John and John are pretty cool with that plan so they all take off to do that instead.

Clarke and the gang are strolling through the woods trying to forget about the insulting deer party hosts, so she tells them all about why they’re on earth. She carefully explains that her father thought the people should be warned about the Ark failing, and then Finn comes up with yet another really great idea.

Clarke is rendered speechless because not only is that exactly what she just said, but it is at least a sure sign that Finn’s ideas are getting better and he is beginning to retain important information and may have a head attached after all.

Speaking of great ideas, when they turn around, Octavia is throwing her clothes off and jumping into the water that she doesn’t know the depth of and can’t swim in. Thankfully, it’s shallow enough that she can stand which makes swimming safer despite the likely painful dive. But that isn’t the biggest problem, because there’s an incredible hulking eel/snake/alien charging straight at her. They warn her to get out but Octavia challenges the eel/snake/alien to a staring contest. It’s underwater so it knows it stands no chance and thus charges at her and bites her instead.

A great rescue sequence ensues complete with dramatic lighting,

jaw dropping close ups,

and Clarke being the most intelligent yet again. However this time around it isn’t only Clarke’s awesome working brain that saves the day. Jasper jumps in the water and pulls out Octavia just in time so they don’t get attacked by the angry sea creature again and all is well. Not much good comes of the situation, but Jasper at least gets a hands on demonstration of the picking up girls lesson everyone was giving him earlier.

Back at camp, while waiting for the others to return, Bellamy and Wells decide to challenge one another to a rap battle, because Wells is upset about everyone taking off their bracelets. Bellamy’s “Whatever the hell we want” rap goes over way better than Wells’s “I came here for the bracelet.” Wells is pretty angry by it but we all know Bellamy deserved the title due to his incredible lyrical abilities.

Because Abby used too much blood and supplies to make sure Jaha wasn’t dead, she’s now on Kane’s naughty list. He arrests her and sentences her to be executed which again is not funny save for the image of Kane as Santa. And this is the north pole where we can make jokes about giant eel snakes and kids who try to fly and die but we will not make jokes about how enthusiastic Kane is to have Abby killed.

In the middle of the night, Clarke and Finn wake up and hang out for a while. Finn shows her the footprint that he found. It suggests that the person walking was standing on two feet and he guesses it’s a monkey. Clarke is appalled that in the middle of their current realistic setting, and glowing blue plants Finn would suggest something as ludicrous as a monkey in the forest. Meanwhile, due to the consequences of their rap battle, Bellamy gets his friends to beat up Wells and steal his bracelet, ending is potential for a relationship with cadet Romeo that he had been hoping for.

Abby’s pre-execution event is going down and it’s no fun for anyone since this is the part we aren’t allowed to joke about and everyone has to be very serious.

But Jaha hears about it and finds out that everyone is being serious because he might die and he isn’t even dead, so he comes to set things right.

Jaha stops the execution, rescues Abby and fixes everything by the power of is intense gaze and chin alone, and everyone is eternally grateful.

The kids that are out looking for Mount Weather are awake again and have to cross the river with the man eating eel in it in order to get there so they’ve decided to try using a little vine swing instead of swimming this time around. At first Finn is going to do it but instead Jasper volunteers since Finn already has the chin going for him and this is his one chance to prove that he’s still worthy despite his lack of cool facial DNA.

He gets across and everyone is really excited and happy, complete with optimistic music playing and more smiles than the entire series will see from this point forward just before he is speared through the abdomen by an unseen creature.

This is such a shocking and terrifying thing to happen in the middle of our happy music and smiles, that Clarke realizes she has made the first bad choice of the series.

The rise of the great chin empire – “The 100” 1×01 rewatch Recap

We start the pilot episode of The 100 on the Ark, in solitary with Clarke doing her doodles on the cell floor and inner monologuing about feelings she’s never experienced and earth vs. space, remembering a time when you could still tell her hair was blonde. She’s drawing a pretty impressive picture and some guards come in to stop it because this is the Ark and fun is not allowed here. Clarke goes to the back of her cell looking rather panicked to let the guys know she drew them some other pictures that they were supposed to love.

In return, the guard offers her a bracelet but neither of them are very cool about each other’s gifts. When he sees she’s wearing someone else’s watch, a fight ensues. Clarke has learned some moves from that scorpion she drew.

She makes a run out of prison and in the hallway runs into her mother. Abby tells Clarke that she gets to go to earth instead of being a prisoner and then quickly puts her to sleep before Clarke can remind her exactly how unsafe that could be.

We wake up in the spaceship with Clarke who is pretty confused about the guard still giving her a bracelet despite his obvious distaste for her drawings.


Wells tells Clarke he got himself arrested on purpose to let her know that she isn’t the only one that got a present from cadet Romeo. She thinks that’s just about the stupidest idea she’s ever heard but he’s pretty enthusiastic looking about it despite their impending deaths.

Wells’s dad comes up on the telly to let everyone know that the real reason they’re all there is because the strong bold power that his impressive, glorious cleft chin gives him enables him to send them earth. But the good news is, he’s packed their ship with so many other cleft chins, that they are destined to survive based on strength and good looks alone.

Clarke is still pretty angry at Wells because he has a bracelet too so she’s not entirely impressed by the faith his dad has in her chin.

Then Finn comes floating on over which is the safest possible thing anyone could be doing on a quickly dropping, hundred year old space ship crashing through the earth’s atmosphere.

Stupid is apparently contagious in space in the future so a few other kids try to get out of their seats as well and fly around with Finn just as the ship is starting to get all on fire.

Back on the Ark, they’re coming to the realization that the ship is crashing and in flames and that this was all probably not the best idea they’ve ever had.

And Wells is really upset that he rubbed that bracelet situation in Clarke’s face because now there’s a very high chance they’re going to die, and he truthfully just wanted to make her jealous that she didn’t draw him a picture instead.

The ship lands and everyone quickly gets out of their seats. Everyone except for the two guys on the floor that tried to follow Finn out of their seats and got themselves dead.

Despite the dead guys, everyone is really excited to open the door and rush out of the drop ship onto the possibly radiation soaked planet, so Clarke doesn’t have much time to deal with the dead kids before she has to run to deal with the soon to be dead kids and the shocking revelation that she’s somehow just become the parent of 99 other teens.

Thankfully though, they have a dad too and he also has the right chin for the job, so Clarke isn’t alone in her parenting endeavors while Bellamy is herding everyone away from the door.

A girl who is apparently very happy to see Bellamy emerges from the back of the ship and they hug it out for a while despite her being appalled about his choice in outfit. We learn through some strange shouting from the crowd that this girl’s name is Octavia Blake, Bellamy’s sister, that lived under the floor, also has the right chin, and is weird because she has a brother. Octavia is pretty offended by all of their incredibly unfair and off base assumptions.

After stopping her from attacking all of them for being so incredibly wrong about her, Bellamy suggests she be the first person to step out into the possible radiation so that they’ll have a better fun fact for the next party. Octavia loves the idea of being a possible sacrifice so she steps outside first.

Fortunately, she does not blow up and that is a sure enough sign for everyone else that everything is great and fine so they run outside after her really happily.

While everyone else is having a montage to Radioactive by Imagine Dragons, Clarke has no time for fun and goes to check out her map of their landing site. She quickly sees that there is only one mountain around and it is directly across from them so basically they’re all screwed. Finn comes over to make some sassy remarks since he’s not sad about the dead kids anymore. But Clarke isn’t here for fun. So instead Finn asks her if she likes being called princess but doesn’t get a good response since Clarke is still angry at him and has serious, important things to discuss like food and the amateur landing skills of their ship.

Later, Wells stops by to point out to Clarke that most of their communication isn’t working. Jasper comes by too to make some jokes but Wells doesn’t like joks so he yells at Jasper who is quickly defended by a pack of more kids. All the ruckus wakes up dad, who is upset that being on the ground isn’t good enough for the kids. Bellamy and Octavia are upset that Clarke and Wells want to be the bosses and think getting food is a good idea, when everyone knows that Wells can’t be a leader because he has his mother’s DNA.

Clarke is a pretty big advocate for chin equality so she stands in front of the unblessed and defends Wells’s honor, complete with swelling inspirational background music and motivating and intense speech eyes.

After some more conflict, Clarke realizes that Finn appears to have messed with his wrist band. He says he was trying to get it off and Clarke doesn’t understand why anyone would possibly want to take of the wrist band that connects them to the people they’re trying to safe. Finn doesn’t get what the big deal is and Clarke has to remind him that there are people he cares about up in the sky that will think he’s dead.

With that out of the way, Clarke, Wells, Finn, and the two other guys Wells was mad at before decide to go on an expedition to find the food. Octavia changed her mind about not being cool with all of their lack of appropriate qualifications and decides to come along because she’s super turned on by all of Finn’s really good ideas.

Back on the Ark, Abby is watching Clarke’s face on the wall of delinquents to make sure she stays okay but while she’s doing that, someone gives her a call and she goes rushing out. As it turns out, someone shot Jaha, and well I won’t make any jokes about this one because there is nothing funny about the possible death of the President Leader of Regal Chins at a time such as this.

Stay posted for Part 2 tomorrow! I’m keeping these in two parts so we have more to stay busy with during the rewatch!

The Secret Circle makes good on its promise to be fantastic and witchy

       Fans of The Vampire Diaries, Life Unexpected, L.J.Smith and all things supernatural and witchy have been anxiously  anticipating the arrival of The CW network’s new addition to its entourage of fantasy dramas, “The Secret Circle” and they will not be disappointed. The show, another Kevin Williamson masterpiece to follow up it’s sister show “The Vampire Diaries” is based on a series of novels by TVD author L.J. Smith and already adorned cast of gorgeous broody boys and a few names we already recognize.

After the network failed to pick up family drama “Life Unexpected” for another season they held on to Brittany Robertson who leads the Secret Circle cast as Cassie Blake, a newly orphaned and extra broody, leather jacket sporting new comer to Chance Harbor. She has just moved into the extra small town to live with her grandmother after her mother’s death in a tragic “accidental” fire. However when she arrives she is welcomed by an abundance of not so familiar faces who seem to know exactly who she is, including resident bad girl, Faye (Phoebe Tonkin) and knight in plaid armor, Adam (Thomas Dekker.)

Cassie's cobvious chemistry with Diana's boyfriend, Adam already garuntees a witch-fight like no other

Also carrying a following of her own to the show, Shelley Hennig joins the cast fresh from NBC’s daytime drama-fest “Days of Our Lives” as lady-in-charge Diana Meade who welcomes Cassie to Chance Harbor. She gives Cassie a bit of the low-down on the town and eventually leads the group in telling Cassie that they are all part of a secret circle of witches dating back centuries and generations that their parents were all once a part of and that now all of their power is magnified because Cassie has arrived.

Cassie is less than receptive to the idea of being a witch but the more time she spends in Chance Harbor the more secrets and questions she realizes she has about her family, the town, and herself. Even the other kids in the circle are realizing they have questions of their own as they realize the hand that fate plays in their lives, and the immensity of the power they have yet to discover which promises a wide range of conflict and discovery to come throughout the show’s freshmen season; Faye’s curiosity and untamed spirit give her the bad girl edge that counteracts Diana’s desire to bring everyone together and control their powers. The show packs obvious eye-catching teen chemistry, a handful of mysteries, a creepy score, and magic all into one, very messy, CW style package that promises drama intrigue and the kind of bad ass witches that everyone has been hoping it would.

Be sure to tune in for the premiere of “The Secret Circle” Thursday, September 15 at 9pm after the season premiere of ‘The Vampire Diares on The CW

Too many secret secrets in magic town. – The Lying Game 1×04 Photo Recap

So we’re back for another tussle in twin-town or one-twin town which is soon to be no twin town because Emma is making a habit of going for nightly runs in the dark in areas that she isn’t familiar with –you know, to keep things interesting because life as Sutton has been pretty boring to date. Alec somehow has yet to push his creep-o-meter over it’s daily usage limit so he decides that chasing down young girls running should do the trick. He corners Emma, they have a bit of an awkward confrontation where he scolds her or something for not remembering the route he drove Sutton and Mads on when their car seats still faced backwards. He offers to give her a ride home because he is concerned she has lost her memory since her little-tykes days.

Alec and Daddy Mercer have a broody dads with secrets club meeting out in the dark about Alec thinking something is up with Sutton. They reference about a thousand things we don’t understand and it is all pretty vague but the one thing we do know is that there are secrets… and lies.

Emma and Sutton are having a twin-time skype session and Sutton says that she doesn’t think this plan will hold up for long. At least she is finally thinking rationally. Sutton is also sad because she missess her friends. Then Emma gets sad because she has had a whole new turn around with Sutton’s relationships. We are afraid everyone’s hearts are going to break when Sutton goes back to being more Sutton and less Emma.

Queen bitchyness stops by the ballet studio where Mads is busy being the Swan Queen or something. As it turns out she needs to take a ballet class, except that she says she doesn’t want a ballet class she needs help with her foot work. We aren’t entirely sure what she’s asking for exactly.

At the Mercer’s the parents stop in to Sutton’s room to explain to Sutton (Emma? Sutton? Emma.) that they don’t want her dating a boy with a record. Emma then repeatedly asks Daddy Mercer if he was always perfect, has ever done things he regerts, has ever made mistakes… possibly has a few secret secrets about secrets up his sleeve and the like.

Laurel and Justin fly to Spain real quick for a dinner date complete with candles and minstrels and Justin accidently tips the man a 50$ and basically there is just a lot of cuteness going on when Mads and Char happen to show up in Spain too. Laurel’s about to ask them how they got to Spain when Justin takes the liberty of introducing himself as Romeo Montague and basically saying he’s in love with Laurel. And while we can’t blame Char for being grumpy about the breaking of the “dibs” code…. break away, Laurel. You have our full support.

Unlike her friends, Emma didn’t go to Spain. She stayed home and decided to hit the sheets. She has a crazy dream about dancing the salsa and must be pretty good at it because she starts flailing and shouting in her sleep drawing a good deal of attention to herself until Sutton’s mom has to interfere and stop the music. She wakes up, shaken and sweaty (was Eduardo there?) and we see the photo of “baby Emma and mom” that Sutton gave her which was obviously the cause of her midnight dancing scare. Sutton’s mother is worried because Sutton used to always have nightmares about drowning and it is possible there is a connection.

Emma brings up the dream dilemma to Sutton during their next meeting. Sutton has been having the same dream and now she is sure there is some twin telepathy going on. Emma isn’t entirely sold on the idea.

She decides to enlist Ethan in some dream interpreting help. And between twins with powers, and dream readers and guys from Heroes who can fly, we could easily be heading for the next Charmed series. Ethan is somewhat offended that Emma would assume he has powers like everyone else around but he agrees to help.

Emma is pretty pissed that Ethan is getting in trouble for stealing the great laptop, paragon of knowledge and Alec tells her to shut up in a few deffierent words a couple of times until Laurel suddenly reveals that she stole the laptop because she was sick of playing second fiddle to Sutton. For the second time in an hour we again say go for it, Laurel. Except, SURPRISE. Laurel didn’t steal the laptop. Turns out she was just trying to help Sutton out for helping her call double dibs on Justin over Char.

At the dance studio, Eduardo is trying to pull his morals together and tell Mads that they can’t be an item. He explains that despite the fact that she’s the Clara to his Nutcracker, she is still seventeen and dating would be illegal. She throws her shirt off and kisses him in hopes that since this is magic town, preforming that ritual will fix their age problem. She didn’t inherit her daddy’s heroes gene so, it doesn’t.

Unfortunately the queen of causing problems isn’t occupied enough with being second best at tennis and ballet, so she has taken up super spying as a new hobby and snaps some quick photos of the two mid magic spell so she can out them to everyone.

She has also added trying to be friends with Char to her list of hobbies and drops by Char’s pool to return the twilight DVD that Char apparnetly left there when they were seven or something. … oh and to slip in a little something about Mads and Eduardo.

Emma and Ethan are having a pow-wow (no pun intended.. okay yes maybe pun intended) around a fire out in the desert somewhere so they can chat about dreams and draw stick photos on the ground and finally talk about the real problem here which is that despite the fact that Laurel took the fall for the great laptop heist, that doesn’t change the fact that someone else did steal the laptop. However Emma quickly drops the topic and thinks we should talk about more important things.

Ethan starts using his tribal wisdom to try and get Emma to remember something about her real mom or her dreams or any combination of the two. The only thing she can come up with is a chat about Mommy Mercer.

Emma is so frustrated that all of Ethan’s tribal rituals aren’t working, that she throws the photo of her and birth mom into the fire in a fit of rage. This, in combination with the sky, turns out to be the correct magic spell sequence of events and she suddenly has a vision of exactly what she was supposed to remember. Someone call Hogwarts. Someone’s letter is apparently a few years late.

Ethan and Emma quickly pass word of Emma’s history with fire onto Sutton who finds what is probably the only house and Filmore that is also charred to nothing and still standing. She strolls around and shows Emma around via phone camera. Emma who apparently had no memory, has her memory resurrected and is positive this was her old house. There’s a name painted on the ceiling. Annie Hobbs. Which is definitely not the name of the artist who pained the ceiling and is definitely their mothers name.

Emma is starting to feel shitty about fooling the Mercers and her friends and everyone else into thinking that Sutton finally became un-bitchy. She is sure that as soon as Sutton comes back, she is going to become useless and everyone will hate her.

But we would just like to remind her that everyone else, us included, probably agree with Ethan as far as liking the Emma version of Sutton way better than the Sutton version of Sutton.

Daddy Mads and Daddy Sutton have one more creepy-creepo meeting because they are still worried about the secret Daddy secret. We are going to probably need a decoder ring or a translator from now one for when they have their meetings but since we don’t we will have to work with what we’ve got.

Town of Rosewood; Because if you get bored snooping you can always join one of our many clubs- Pretty Little Liars 2×10 Photo Recap

Disclaimer: I was told by an anon on tumblr today that they didn’t like my recaps becuase they thought I was being mean to Shay Mitchell and insulting her acting. I would just like to stress how far from the truth that is. Any jokes that I make are strictly situational or about the characters and are in NO WAY meant as personal digs at any of the cast/crew of this show. I think Shay is a lovely person as well as a fabulous actress. I assume that comment is regarding my “worried face” jokes; I mean them strictly in the sense that Emily is always so worried. If I offended anyone I sincerely apologize. I love this show. These recaps are meant all in good fun.


When we last left Rosewood, snoopy Spencer and Emily discovered Jason’s stash of creepy photos of Aria. At school, Aria tells Emily that “Jason kissed her” meaning that she did not in any way kiss him. We all know this is silly because of the mental sex they had been having or whatnot. Emily warns her about her vampire boyfriend’s creepy photo-taking habits. Initially, Aria is pretty concerned but then Spencer shows up and tells her she should be careful and Aria decides that since two of her friends are saying it, that it must be a little questionable. Emily is pretty worried about Aria’s choice to only be minimally worried and so she decides to pour herself a bowl of cereal.

Turns out A switched all the letters in the box for ‘A’s” and left a little cracker jack toy for good measure.

It is morning at the Marin’s. Because it is always morning at the Marin’s.  We are starting to think that in Rosewood, you location determines time of day. If you’re at the Marin’s its morning, or bed time with Caleb. If you’re at the Montgomery’s its dinner time. If you’re at the Hastings its house party time because there aren’t any parents.

Aria decides that since Emily is doing all the worrying that can be done for one episode, she shouldn’t worry about being afraid of Jason. She marches right up to him and asks him about his idea of “artwork.” Jason must not understand what is going on here because he tells her he’s pissed that she didn’t “ask him a direct question.”

He explains to her that the bigger issue is that her friends were snooping in his hideout. We are not fooled, however, but we are confused; The bigger issue here is a toss up between the fact that Ali took freaky pictures of Aria sleeping and the fact that Jason thought that would make a nice “gift” for Aria.

Jenna is doing the sitting down version of the Jenna thing. Or playing peek-a-boo with her stick or something very Jenna-like behind a wall.

At school, Ella talks to the therapist about getting some help for Mike. The therapist has had enough of Rosewood’s youth after her last B&E in her office, so she thinks bringing in the town’s midnight burglar would be a bad idea.

Hanna pays Emily’s locker a visit and drops her off a free massage certificate so that she can maybe be less worried. We think this is a great idea, only when Hanna leaves the Hogwarts swim team walks by.

She is really flustered about it so she drops/throws all of her stuff out of her locker. The therapist feels bad and offers to give Emily someone to talk to. Emily makes the saddest face in the world and says she has some things they haven’t told the therapist. The therapist is really pretty shocked about this which doesn’t make much sense; she must have forgotten the hundred times the girls mysteriously ran out of her office in their least suspicious ways last time they talked.

Toby has finally come back from wherever he goes when he isn’t with Spencer, spitting rainbows on Emily, or being a member of the adorable people who hang out around the high school club. He is helping Spencer get rid of some of Ian’s leftovers before Melissa comes home. They stumble across an old yearbook of his that they casually flip through. They discover that Ian along with the rest of rosewood alumni’s finest were jealous of the “creepy kids in hoodies,” “possible A suspects,” “Adorable people who hang out at rosewood,” and “Awful parenting PTA” and wanted to make their own club instead.

At the school college fair, Aria and Ezra are doing their best non-obvious couple impression. Aria tells him that she is pissed about his choice in company and it is all kind of hypocritical in a “we don’t really get what you’re trying to prove, Aria” sort of way.

Back at the Hastings, Toby and Spencer are investigating the NAT club. They stumble upon a t-shirt with a latin phrase beginning wht the letters N.A.T. Spencer, being Spencer should totally remember her latin but she decides to do some quick Bing product placement for those of us that aren’t completely satisfied with Google. Turns out the phrase means “We See All.” Which is actually the town of Rosewood’s slogan and written on all the postcards but Spencer doesn’t notice and is pretty concerned that there are people in this town who spy on other people.

Emily settles in for her massage. Like Emily, we suspect nothing, except that there are some shifty camera angels and creepy music suggesting that something is afoot here. We quickly learn that A is not only a creepy weirdo, but A is totally a creepy weirdo WITH a background in massage therapy. So things are pretty scary now.

Jason brings the Ali stalker photos to Aria. They both fail to see how this is weird in any real way. Jason says “I never knew Ali was so artistic” and well.. neither did we.

At Spencer’s house, she strolls downstairs to find Jenna casually hanging out in the living room. Jenna says “your mom let me in” but obviously Jenna wasn’t paying attention because no adults actually live in the House of Hastings. She starts to get threatening with Spencer but our little detective knows more than Jenna thinks so she quickly puts her in her place.

The Scooby gang has a pow wow about the days’ problems. Emily is pretty worried that A’s hands were on her and Spencer is just catching on to our theory that A could easily be a group of people.

Garret decides to have a sulk fest over at his good old buddy Jason’s front porch. These two aren’t very talkative because they don’t really say much of anything. However they got bored of all the other Rosewood clubs so now they are going to start a sulk and brood club because it seems to be all they want to do.

They can even invite Mike Montgomery when he isn’t part of the people who break into shit club.

Speaking of people who break into things, A heads over to the therapists and mostly what we gain from this episode is that all those kids insisting Mike is A can finally stop because he is seeing a different therapist. This is probably going to be an awkward therapy session.